Beautiful skin, sexy, and exotic is the image embedded in the Olla Ramlan. This is one model does not appear after a long time to get married and have kids. But when it comes back in the entertainment world, his name immediately shot. He starred in the sitcom on the private television station which could have a high rating. Olla is also renowned as a lover of fashion and now rather than busy as a model, he developed the business of fashion.

Olla has a full name Febiolla Ramlan. He was born in Banjarmasin on February 15, 1980 from the couple and c. Temple Ramlan Haji Muhhamad Assarah Tis'ah. Olla was raised in a family that is. He was the sixth child of eleven children. Olla younger sister, Cynthia, also a career in entertainment as a soap opera actress. His father was a coal and wood in Banjarmasin respected businessman also owns the television "Mr TV" local stations.

Olla early into the world of entertainment is the factor of chance. In mid-1990 when he was walking in a mall, an agency that offers a model in the magazine 'My friends'. The results are good enough to shoot him to get back an offer to become a model in the same magazine.

Seeing the talent Olla, brother Lolitha Ramlan, sign up to participate in the selection of Mode Magazine Cover Girl in 1997. Lolitha send the registration form without notifying Olla. Great talent and beauty of her face make Olla signed as a finalist and he's got champion Favorites.